Backup mail account settings on Outlook 2007

Looking for a reliable backup tool for Outlook mail account settings?

Then, Outlook Backup Software is the perfect choice!!!!

Taking proper backup of Outlook data and mail account setting is as important as creating backup of any other data. This will help you out while migrating the Outlook data from one system to another or from one operating system version to the other. Using Backup Outlook software you can not only migrate your Outlook data safely, but also can restore the Outlook data lost due to any Outlook data loss scenarios. The software is repeatedly tested by most of the Tech Magazines and highly recommended by the Industry Experts. And even you can backup Outlook calendar items using this software. In addition, this advanced tool facilitates user to backup Outlook contacts in couple of mouse clicks.

Things you need to know about Outlook 2007:

In Outlook 2007 the emails are saved in a Personal Folder File with .pst extention which does not get copied during normal backup operation. The following things you need to take care of during the backup operation:

  • All the Outlook 2007 data will be saved in the Personal Folder File (.pst) only when you are not using Windows Live Mail account or Microsoft Exchange account.
  • For Windows Live Mail account or Microsoft Exchange account all your Outlook data will be locally stored in the computer’s hard drive instead of the email server.
  • There are mainly two .pst files. One is the Personal Folder File, which includes all the Outlook folder data such as inbox messages, calendar, tasks, contacts etc. The other one is the Archive folder which contains archive messages of your Outlook.

The scenarios under which the Outlook 2007 data can be lost:

  • Outlook 2007 locks up while opening calendar: This type of situation mainly occurs if the Outlook 2007 profile is modified or the folder data has been altered. Such problem also arises due to PST file corruption on account of application failure, virus infection or software malfunction. As a result of this, the Outlook application fails to open leading to critical data loss. Other than this, when you try to access the .pst files, you will see the emails messages or related objects getting locked. The Outlook freezes if you try to do it repeatedly.

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 Error 0x80042108: The reasons behind this error message in Outlook 2007 may be any of the following:
    • Enabled SSL on your computer
    • Enables Anti-span add-in
    • Due to antivirus scanning software
    • Corrupted or damaged Outlook PST file
    • Corruption in Windows Registry

  • Reading Pane Crash: Reading Pane is one of the useful features of Outlook 2007 which allows the users to view the email messages without even opening them. Reading Pane crash is quiet common problem in Outlook 2007, but it becomes even more serious when it causes PST file crash in the Outlook application. The main reason behind Reading Pane crash is PST file corruption in the Outlook profile. Other than that, application malfunction, improper shutdown of the computer or the Outlook application, virus infection are also responsible for PST file corruption and hence, the Reading Pane crash. As this problem ultimately causes PST crash in Outlook 2007 application, so Outlook backup is badly needed at this kind of data loss scenario. If you want to know how to backup Outlook PST file, you can click here.

Be Careful:

Do not install the Backup Outlook utility on the Windows drive / partition where the Outlook PST files are located. It may overwrite the Outlook data resulting in permanent data loss

Key Functionalities of Backup Outlook Tool:

Steps to backup Outlook 2007 mail account settings:

Step 1: To initiate the backup process, Download and Install the demo version of Backup Outlook utility. After successful installation of the software, select “Backup” option.

Main Screen

Step 2: The next window will be having two options i.e. “Create new backup profile” or “Use an existing backup profile”. To create a new backup profile by selecting “Create new backup profile” radio button and you will get a new Window where you can choose the Outlook 2007 mail account settings of which the backup has to be taken. Click on “Next” button to proceed further

Select Outlook items to be backed up

Step 3: After selecting the destination folder for the backup files, click “Next” to start the backup process.

Step 4: You will get a confirmation message along with a backup summary,once the backup process is completed

Backup Progress