Backup Outlook Mail

Want to backup your Outlook emails and settings in safe and easy way?

Outlook Backup Tool is the best and easy to use application that helps you to backup your emails along with settings in easiest way. It can also migrate Outlook data and settings from older versions of an Operating System to the latest version of Operating system like Windows XP to Windows 7 and also from older version to a newer version of Outlook

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Why Outlook Backup is necessary?

Many people store their important business information as well as personal information in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook stores all your essential mails and other Outlook attributes in a single file called as PST file. You may lose your files including PST files that are stored on your hard disk in a number of different ways. Following are some of the common reasons for data loss.

Human Errors: You may accidentally delete or format the hard drive resulting in a loss of files including Outlook PST file.

Abruptly terminating Outlook: Your Outlook may get terminated suddenly due to power Outages or due to some other reasons. In such situation, the PST file may get corrupted making all your important emails inaccessible.

Virus attacks: Viruses, worms or spyware may corrupt your hard drive resulting in data loss. Once the drive gets corrupted then it does not allow you to access any file from your hard drive including PST file data.

Hard drive crash: Hard drive may crash due to both logical and physical reasons, which may lead to loss of data

In these cases, backup is necessary in order to avoid loss of important emails and other data from your PST file. You may also need to take a backup of your entire PST file while upgrading Outlook or Operating System.

Why Outlook Backup tool is needed?

Generally, Microsoft Outlook does not have a specific inbuilt backup utility to take a backup of the important data. Instead, you need to backup the PST file manually using import and export options. The process of taking the backup of Outlook data manually is time consuming and error prone because the size of PST file supported by the latest versions of Outlook is larger i.e. 50GB. Some of the Outlook settings may not get copied while importing and exporting the PST file resulting in incomplete backup.  Therefore, it is necessary to use a reliable backup tool for MS Outlook to take quick and complete backup.

Why users prefer to use Outlook Backup Tool?

  • Simple and effective graphical user interface that helps both the novice users and experts to backup Outlook mailbox
  • It provides an option by which you can create and associate number of backup profiles
  • It’s built in scheduler helps to backup mail account settings on Outlook 2007 automatically as per the scheduled time and event.
  •  Uses different compression techniques to compress the backup archives so that you can save the disk space
  • It can split and save archives to match with the storage capacity of the storage media such as facility to backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 email attachments to an external drive
  • It also migrates the Outlook data from older versions of Outlook to latest version and also from one Operating System to another.
  • It provides Restore option to restore Outlook data when your existing profile gets corrupted.
  • It facilitates option to create back up of Outlook notes & also other Outlook attributes like contacts, calendar, reminders, tasks, RSS feeds, emails, etc.

Large sized emails are archived so that they can be easy to send or receive & also save disk space. But if compacting techniques fails then this might corrupt the archived PST file. So it is better to keep backup of all the important information by using Outlook backup utility.

Step-by-step procedure to backup Outlook data:

Step 1: Download and launch the Outlook Backup utility. After launching the software, main screen appears. Click on “Backup” option to start the backup process

Main Screen

Step 2: Once you click on “Backup” option, the next window is displayed with two options i.e. “Create new backup profile” or “Use an existing backup profile”. If you have already created the backup profile then use that specific profile otherwise create a new backup profile by selecting “Create new backup profile” radio button

Create New Backup Profile

Step 3: Select the Outlook attributes whose backup needs to be taken and then select the destination drive where you want to save the backup copy

Select Outlook items to be backed up

Step 4: you can also schedule the backup on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. After completing the backup process, a confirmation message is displayed. Once you click on “Ok” button, backup summary will be displayed

Backup Progress